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Submitted on
June 9, 2012
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okey dokey pokey then everyone i'm back and on ch 5 oh yeah if you no like sonadow then please get the hell outta this story cause their is a beautiful sonadow sex scene in this    X3  and sonadow lovers please go ahead read :3


Sonic: w-wait s-so your a-and the others a-are v-v-vampires
Shadow: well um yeah i wanted to tell you sooner but-        *he then gets cut of cause of Sonic*
Sonic: no way i've always wanted to see a vampire but i didn't think i would fall in love one and either a lot of them!!!!!
Shadow: hm you took that better than i thought you would since well you know some people would oh i don't know get FREAKED OUT about vampires and what not
Sonic: well the thing is, is that i've done tons of research and well i didn't know that vampires can be in the day light at all
Shadow: well yeah but theirs only certain types if you know what i mean
Sonic: yeah i get it but just to ask um well can we go or um should i say can we um get married *starts blushing like crazy*
Shadow: well i was going to ask you to marry me during dinner tonight and then we could you know *blushes* have some ''fun''
Sonic: sure  *then screams like a fangirl*  

So then later that night when Shadow proposed to Sonic in front of everyone else then they both went back to their room to have soo much ''Fun''
[remember you have been warned]
Okay now then the scene will be short and oh yeah so right now they are both naked and about to have to have flippin SEX!!!!!teehee Sonic sucking Shadows member  XD

Shadow: oh wow oh my gosh!!
Sonic: mmmmmmmm
Shadow: oh S-Sonikku i-i think i-i'm going to cum ahhhh!!!!

Then squirts into Sonics mouth and then she swallowed it

Sonic: mmmmm yummy hehehe so Shadow-kun wanna take this to the next level ;3
Shadow: why certainly dear *smirks*
Sonic: yay * then gives of a gigantic smirk*

So then Sonic went on her back and let Shadows member go into her and they started kissing like crazy and also fucking a lot in different ways and what not (me: DANG THIS IS SOUNDING WEIRD)

Sonic: oh yeah Shadow ah Sh-Shadow your member is so thick ahhhh
Shadow: S-Sonic i-i think i-i'm going to to cum!!!!
Sonic: oh Shadow please cum inside me please *pant pant*
Shadow: o-ok Sonic *then cums inside her* ahhhhh

Then they both finally climaxed and kissed goodnight

Sonic: goodnight Shadow-kun
Shadow: goodnight Sonikku

Now ounce they both go to sleep someone outside their window was watching the whole entire ''show'' on a branch of a tree outside their window and it was ''King'' Scourge who then after an hour of making sure they are both fully asleep Scourge sneaks in and takes Sonic in his arm all bridal style and goes out the window with Sonic going back to his castle while leaving a note for Shadow in the morning to read saying ''Hello Shadow old friend it's me Scourge and also if you are looking for Sonic i have her with me having fun until you come here with what i want and you know exactly what i want and if you don't bring it your Sonikku will be tortured everyday until you bring what i want'' and so then Shadow woke up and started looking for Sonics body with his eyes closed and he opens his eyes finding nothing

Shadow: mmh Sonikku were are you
Shadows thoughts: hm she must be in the bathroom hehehe *big grin*

He then sneaks into bathroom and quickly opens the bathroom door

Shadow: BOO! huh maybe she's downstairs with  Cream, Rouge, and Amy

So then he got dressed and headed downstairs but only to find everyone else besides Sonic eating and then he starts to look sad and eats without his lover Sonic to look at while he's eating

Shadow: ...........
Cream: excuse me master Shadow sorry to disturb you but wheres miss Sonic
Charmy: yeah i want to ask you if you guys had fun last night cause i heard stuff from your room and stuff
Shadow: i have no idea where she is cause i looked everywhere and i thought she was here but *sigh* she isn't
Rouge: don't worry hun maybe she's outside
Shadow: no she's not their i already looked outside
Amy: you know what maybe she left back to her house so you could be with........
Knuckles: AMY SHUT THE FUCK UP OKAY!!!!!!Master Shadow is already sad enough and you don't have to make more sad you you you BITCH!!
Cream: Mr Knuckles! please don't use that kind of language please ok Knuckles say sorry to Amy and Amy say sorry to Master Shadow?? uh where did master Shadow go?
Rouge: he said he was gonna go back to his room and he also said that no one should bother him for a while and that means you Charmy
Charmy: ok ok i won't bother him jeeez

Now onto what Shadow is doin now

Shadow: where could my Sonikku be *sob* where *sees the note on bed* huh *picks up and reads the whole thing and gets enraged and crumples up note* THAT FUCKING SON OF A BITCH HOW DARE HE TAKE MY SONIKKU!!!

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Sonadow-vampire Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2013  Student Writer
I KNOW RIGHT!! XD [oh and hi :3]
JemppaHeliska Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2013
Hi :D and I read them all already :3
Sonadow-vampire Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2013  Student Writer
;D :la: thats nice to know :la: ;D
BUTTERMAYOJAMZ Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Omg that was amazing even the sonadow part tehehe and who cares about the grammer its an amazing story don't let anyone put u down Sonadow-vampire
Sonadow-vampire Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2013  Student Writer
awww thank you so much friend that has to be the most nicest thing I was ever told about the sonadow stories again thank you so very much for that comment :heart: :heart:
BUTTERMAYOJAMZ Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hahah anytime I'm like the world biggest sonadow fans and this was probably one of the best
Sonadow-vampire Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2013  Student Writer
LOL well thank you very much than :3 :D
BUTTERMAYOJAMZ Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Anytime XP
52HertzWhale Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012
Dear God this is horrifying. I like Sonadow, but this made my eyes burn. People like you should not be allowed near a keyboard. Have you even LEARNED proper grammar?
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